Maxime Butera

The owner, Maxime Butera, has been in the network marketing industry for the last 15 years with one of the bigger company of direct sales in the world. Trough those years he has built a network of more than 25 thousands sales representative in 25 countries

Within his network, he carefully choosed his best contact to establish a new business network in order to help all his contact to develop their full potential

Maxime’s events are dedicated to an elite an are an excellent opportunity for those looking to expand their businesses


Our events were designed to help you reach higher summit in your business. All the participant were carefully handpick in order to maximize synergy of the group. Selection criteria are very high and only those who proved their value to the group are invited.

Since most of the group is made of young entrepreneurs and mostly self-made business peoples, the contacts are easy and fast.

We are organising 2 networking event per years and 4 business diners. Having less events makes busy people more able to participate in all of them.

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